Agent Portal

 CommissionTrac is equipped with an Agent Portal that allows Agents a window into their own numbers, but limited ability to change existing data. When an Agent logs into CommissionTrac they will see a limited left-hand menu.

When they click on Vouchers they will see a list of all of their Vouchers, but no ability to change or delete them.  New Voucher is available so that Agents can assist the back office by inputting all of the data on their deals.  Leverage CommissionTrac's Approval Process to ensure that vouchers are fully, and completely input before setting them as active, accruing charges, and allowing invoices to be generated.

 When Agents click on the Reports option in the left-hand menu they will see a limited Reports Menu. All Reports are filtered to only produce results relating to the Agent logged into the Agent Portal. Report Criteria screens all look the same as they do for the Bookkeeper (check out this section

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