Use this feature to track Agent Expenses that can be paid back out of their Commission Earnings.  Manage whether or not to recoup these expenses within every Agent Payment.

Set up Agent Expenses

  1. In the settings menu select Agent Expense
  2. This will open the Agent Expense List which lists all posted Expenses for all Agents
  3. Click Generate Expenses to post a new Agent Expense
  4. This will open the Agent Expenses Generation screen
  5. Click Add Record to add a new Agent Expense
  6. Select Agent from drop down menu
  7. Input date Expense Charge should be applied
  8. Select Charge Category from drop down menu that fits this Expense
  9. Input Description of Expense
  10. Input total/Original Amount of Charge
  11. Input Charge Amount (this may be different from the total Amount)
  12. If this should be posted as a Recurring Expense Charge, input the number of Periods (Months) you want this to recur for and check Recurring
  13. Put checkmark in Include in Period column unless you do not want this expense charged to the Agent in the next period
  14. Click Post in the lower right-hand corner to save
  15. Agent Expenses can be seen in the Agent Payables Ledger

Manage Agent Expenses within Agent Payment Process

  1. When posting an Agent Payment (see this article for instructions on this process), click on Agent Expenses to manage which, if any, Agent Expenses will be pulled from this batch of Payments.
  2. This will show a window listing all Agent Expenses queued for deduction from this Agent Payment
  3. From here you can Edit, Delete, or uncheck 'Include in Period' to save an expense for later

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