Outgoing Payments (Agent Payments)

When you are ready to review and process payments due to agents, use the Outgoing Payments and Payables Ledger to do so.

  1. In the left-hand menu, select Payables
  2. Click Agent Payment 
  3. Select the date for the transactions. CommissionTrac will default to today’s date
  4. Input a starting check number to be recorded. (Required)
  5. Select the Bank Account from which the checks will be generated
  6. Use the drop down to select Agent/s you would like to generate Payments for or put check mark in All Agents to generate Payments for all within the date range
  7. Click Agent Expenses to manage which Agent Expenses will be considered in this batch of Payments.  See this article for more on Agent Expenses
  8. Click to Preview Credits to review the Payments ready to be generated
  9. The Agent Commissions Statement will be generated for all Agents selected listing Agent Gross and Net
  10. Review this report for accuracy and if ready to post the payments click Post in the lower right corner

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