Miscellaneous Payables

From any Payables Ledger click Misc Payables to get to the Miscellaneous Payables posting screen. Use the Miscellaneous Payables feature to fix issues or post exceptional transactions that result in changes to the payable amounts. These adjustments do NOT affect the Agent Earnings Report but they do show in the Agent Payables Ledger.

All adjustments will need a date and a description. Create your descriptions carefully so that when you review this ledger in 6 months or 6 years you aren’t scratching your head wondering why these adjustments were made.

*General Reminder: Debit will DECREASE the balance owed to agent. Credit will INCREASE the balance owed. 

  1. In the left-hand menu click Payables
  2. The Payables Ledger will open
  3. Click on Misc Payables in the top right corner of the screen

4. Select the Agent to whom you would like to post the adjustment. This will pull in the payable ledger for the selected agent 

5. Select the Transaction Code that reflects which type of adjustment you are making (For additional details on the various Transaction Codes, review the specific articles for each Transaction Code from this list)
6. Select the Transaction Date (must fall within date range of voucher that adjustment will be posted to)
7. Input an Adjustment Description
8. Select preview to view the adjustment
9. Select Post, in right hand corner, to submit the adjustment

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