Vouchers are the backbone of CommissionTrac, where all deal data is stored and from which all Commission Charges and related Agent Payments are generated.

Table of Contents

Topic 1: General Voucher Info

Topic 2: Affiliates

Topic 3: Commissions & Invoicing

Topic 4: Agents 

Topic 5: Attachments 

Topic 6: Comments

Topic 7: Billing Settings 

Please note that at any time during the creation of a Voucher you can click Save Draft in the bottom right hand corner to save what you have entered so far but set it aside until later.  

Once all the Voucher information is filled out, you can click Submit Voucher.  (Check out this article for details on using the Voucher Approval Process.) Once submitted, Vouchers are Active and will have a corresponding Receivables Ledger that will show all Charges, Payments, and Adjustments that are associated with this deal.

  1. From the left-hand menu, select Vouchers
  2. Click New Voucher button in the top right corner of the screen

General Voucher Info

  1. Give your Voucher a Name
  2. Select Transaction Type (Lease, Sub-Lease, Sale, Fee) and Sub-Type

 Property Info tab 

  1. Input Building Name if desired.  If the building is in your Building Address Table then the address fields will auto-populate.  If Google Search is turned ON then CommissionTrac will mine Google's address data to try to find the builiding data you are entering.
  2. Input address (Line 1, City, State, Zip all Required)
  3. Select if this deal is for Developed property or Land
  4. Input Square Footage or Acreage (Required)
  5. Enter any other applicable information you would like to save with this Deal

Affiliates Tab

  1. Enter Affiliates (Bill To and Tenant are required).  Affiliates are any entities associated with this Deal but not receiving Commissions.
  2. You can click Add New Affiliate to quickly add an affiliate that isn't in the system already. (Company Name and Email Address are required for affiliates)

Commission Tab

*Requirements on this tab will vary, particularly with regard to the Dates, depending upon which Type of Voucher this is (Lease, Sub-Lease, Sale, Fee)

  1. Select applicable Execution, Commence, Occupancy, Expiration dates
  2. Turn on Escalation Calculation if your Rent Roll increases by a set % each period. This will open a Percentage field in which you can input the percentage each period increases.
  3. Indicate whether Commission should be calculated on a % of Rent or a $ per Square Foot basis and indicate via radio button.
  4. Select to add your first Rent Roll period by clicking “Add new record” button.
  5. Select the applicable information for the first period.
     - Confirm that ‘Start Date’ is as needed. (CT will default to Occupancy Date)
     - Input Number of months.   (System will calculate End Date based off Start Date + Months data)
  6. Input either Rent /month or Annual Rent/ SF  - System will calculate the value not entered
  7. Input Commission % or $/Square Foot amount- Manual entry, directly coupled with the Calculated Commission Amount
  8. Calculated Commission Amount – Calculated by system using the Rent and Commission % fields.  Or by using the Square Foot and $/Sq Ft fields. This field can be edited if needed by clicking in the field and manually entering updated amount.
  9. Free Rent – Check box in this column if the row represents the free rent period
  10. Click "Add new record" and repeat steps 5-9 as many times as necessary to put in all Rent Roll data 
  11. Once Rent Roll is properly input use the Invoicing Schedule section to set up billing parameters for this voucher.
  12. Select the radio button for One Payment to schedule a single charge and invoice for the entire commission balance due
  13. Select the radio button for Two Payment to send 2 invoices each for half of the entire commission balance due - or tweak the amounts if not 50/50
  14. Select the radio button for Monthly to indicate that payments will be made monthly over the course of the lease
  15. Select the radio button for Manual to manually set up a charge and invoice schedule.
     - Click Add New for each charge and invoice you would like to create to bill for this Voucher
  16. For all types of Invoicing Schedules, the following applies
     - Effective Date indicates the charge date and corresponds to when you’d like to schedule the invoice.
     - Use the drop-down field to indicate the Charge Category to assign this income to
     - Add a Description if desired

*As data goes into the Voucher, the Summary on the right-hand side will populate with pertinent information

Agents Tab

  1. Toggle Outside Agents/Pre-Split Deduction ON if you need to include outside agents on this voucher
  2. To add Inside or Outside Agents to this Voucher, select Add New Agent from the appropriate level
  3. For Outside Agents, select the agent name and enter the commission % share or the amount to be paid before the internal commission split
  4. If an Outside Agent isn't in the system yet, you can click the blue Add New Outside Agent button. *First and Last Name are required.
  5. For Inside Agents, use the drop-down field to select the Agent name, input the commission share (%) and use the drop-down field to indicate the appropriate Split Plan. *For multiple Inside Agents the total commission share % should add up to 100%. 

*Gross Agent Commission will show the Commission Amount for each Inside Agent before any Split calculations.

Attachments Tab

  1. Click on Select files if you would like to attach any separate file to your voucher
  2. Acceptable file types are: .xls, .xlsx, .pdf, .jpg, .png, .doc and .docx

Comments Tab  

  1. Click Add Comment and type any information important to this voucher
  2. Click Save.

Multiple comments can be added to a voucher and will be saved with the name of the user who created it and the date/time of when it was created

Billing Tab

From the Billing tab you can select to terminate the voucher.

What's Next?

Now that you have submitted a Voucher, you can see all Commission Credits on the Voucher's Receivables Ledger.

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