Use this adjustment to reverse a deposit already posted in the event that it was posted in error initially.   This action will affect the Agent Payables Ledger and the Agent Earnings Report.

Go to Receivables --> Misc Receivables

  1. When Deposit Reversal is selected, the ledger will display with an available check mark box by any deposit that can be reversed.
  2. Put a check mark in the box next to the appropriate deposit.
  3. CommissionTrac will automatically populate the Transaction Amount
  4. Click Preview Adjustment. A blue bar will appear at the bottom of the screen with all details for Miscellaneous Charge. 
  5. If everything appears as expected/needed, click Post in the lower right-hand corner to generate and move them into the Receivables Ledger.

    Note: If agent payment was previously run, you will need to reverse the payment in Misc Payables before reversing the deposit. 

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