Use the Misc Debit code for any adjustment intended to increase the balance due on a Receivables ledger that should be reflected separately from the charge itself.

  1. From any ledger, click Misc Receivables.  Select the Voucher you need to change, and give this transaction a date and a description.
  2. When Misc Debit is selected the ledger will display with an available check mark box by any charge that is available to apply this adjustment to
  3. Put check mark next to the line you would like to post the debit adjustment to
  4. Input the amount of the adjustment in the Transaction Amount field
  5. Click Preview Adjustment. A blue bar will appear at the bottom of the screen with all details for the Miscellaneous Debit.  
  6. If everything appears as expected/needed, Click Post in the lower right-hand corner to generate and move them into the Receivables Ledger.

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