A Commission Credit adjustment will increase the balance owed to the agent. (Keep in mind the balance owed to the agent is shown as a negative number in their payables ledger). 

Use it in concert with a Commission Reversal or a Miscellaneous Debit on another Agent’s payables ledger to shift a commission from that agent, otherwise this commission credit will come from the House.

Give your adjustment a date and a description, then select a charge category and a voucher to link the commission credit to. 

For these types of payables adjustments there are several fields to fill in to get the total of the adjustment.

Start with House Gross, then input the commission percentage. CommissionTrac will figure out the agent gross amount from these figures.

Then input the agent’s split percentage and CommissionTrac will populate the transaction amount field. Once this information is all correct click Preview Adjustment to see how it looks in the ledger and confirm that the new totals are what you intended. Once you are satisfied with the adjustment, click POST to save.


  1. Go to Misc Payables
  2. Select the Agent to whom the credit is being applied
  3. Select Commission Credit
  4. Give the adjustment a date and a description
  5. Choose the Voucher this Credit should be linked to
  6. Input the House Gross Amount and the Commission Percentage. The Agent Gross Amount will auto-calculate
  7. Input the Agent’s Split Percentage. The Transaction Amount will auto-calculate
  8. Click Preview Adjustment to see the line item as it will appear in the Agent’s ledger. If all is correct, click Post to save
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