Though it's not ideal, it does sometimes happen that a check comes in for a different amount than expected.  How to handle this in CommissionTrac depends somewhat on the specific scenario.  

Should the difference be written off or should the commission charge be updated to reflect this amount?
Basically here are your two options - either the commission charge is correct, and the check is incorrect (maybe they shorted you a few cents, or transposed two numbers) OR the commission was input into CommissionTrac inaccurately to begin with. 

If the Commission Charge is correct, and the check was sent for a slightly different amount, and you do not expect the difference to come in at any time in the future, you can easily post an adjustment at the time you are posting the deposit.  
Making this adjustment will affect all agents' commission totals based on their share of the gross commission.

If the Commission Charge needs to be fixed, this should be handled before posting the deposit.   This can be done via the Commission tab of the Voucher.  More instructions can be found here

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