By default, each incoming commission payment is distributed to all agents on the voucher based on the defined split amounts or percentages. But what if you have a situation where one agent on the deal should get his or her full commission amount off the first payment and the other agent on the deal is willing to wait for the second payment before collecting his or her amount? What if a deal was structured such that an outside agent needs to be paid in full before the commissions can be distributed amongst inside agents?

This can be managed during the deposit posting process:

  1. From the left-hand menu select Deposit
  2. Click the New Deposit Button and confirm or edit the deposit number, date, and bank for this deposit
  3. Click Add Payment, select the Bill To entity whose check you are posting 
  4. Click Add Check, input the check amount and check number
  5. Find the voucher this check is paying and apply the appropriate amount to the charge line item(s). If the payment should be distributed to all agents on the deal as set up in the voucher then this is your last step to post this payment.
  6. However, if you want to change the way the proceeds are distributed, turn on Show Agent Commission to Override. This will list all agents on the deal and their gross due and paid commission amounts as well as the default distribution.
  7. Use the Override amount field to input your desired distribution or use the Commission % field to change the distribution percentage 
  8. The total of the Override Amounts cannot be greater than the total payment
  9. The Commission % fields work the same as they do in the Voucher/Agent Setup – Outside Agent % come off first. All Inside Agents’ Percentages should total up to 100%
  10. This does not override the percentages setup on the voucher or the ultimate gross commission due to any of the agents, it simply overrides the way the commission split that is set up in the voucher is being distributed out of this payment made. In the example in the image below we show an Outside agent receiving his full commission due amount out of the first payment received by the house.
  11. When any additional payments come in on this voucher the Show Agent Commission to Override will default to on and show you the previous paid commission amounts and remaining due (gross) commission amounts. Once you override the distribution on the first payment you must review and confirm any future distributions. CommissionTrac will govern your input such that you cannot overpay any agent over the course of the deal (with notifications in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and not allowing an over distribution to be saved). 

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