CommissionTrac currently has two workflows integrated with QuickBooks Online.   This integration syncs instantly. Below we provide more detail for each workflow.

Workflow 1 - Invoices

This workflow syncs Invoices from CommissionTrac to Quickbooks Online.  

  • CommissionTrac Invoice Number, Amount, Due Date, and Bill To Entity sync into QuickBooks Online
  • The workflow will search Customers in QuickBooks for a match to the CommissionTrac Bill To entity.  If no match is found, the integration will create a new QuickBooks customer

Workflow 2 - Agent Payments

This workflow pulls the agent commission details from Agent Payments and syncs them to QuickBooks Online by creating bills.

  • All amounts paid to the same Agent are combined into the single QuickBooks bill with separate detail items for each Commission Credit.
  • The workflow will search Vendors in QuickBooks Online, using QuickBooks "Display As" field, and attempt to match agent names from CommissionTrac.
  • If there is not already a Vendor for the Agent being paid, the integration will create a new Vendor.
  • The QuickBooks Online integration creates a Bill in QuickBooks.

How to Set up QuickBooks Online Integration

CommissionTrac QB Online Integration setup is under construction.  For best results at this time, please contact [email protected] to set up this integration.

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