CommissionTrac currently has two workflows integrated with Quickbooks Desktop. We utilize the QBD web-connecter to send information from CommissionTrac to Quickbooks. This web connecter can sync data at any interval. Below we provide more detail for each workflow.

Workflow 1 - Bills

This workflow pulls the agent commission details from Agent Payments and syncs them with QuickBooks Desktop by creating checks or bills for the vendor in QBD. 

  • All amounts paid to the same agent are combined into the single QuickBooks transaction with multiple detail items.
  • The workflow will search vendors in QuickBooks Online, using QuickBooks "Display As" field, and attempt to match agent names from CommissionTrac. If that name is not found we will create a new Vendor.

Workflow 2 - Invoices

This workflow sends generated invoices from CommissionTrac to Quickbooks Desktop.

  • This integration sends the Customer, Dates, Amounts, Descriptions from CommissionTrac to Quickbooks Desktop.
  • CommissionTrac sends this information to QDB automatically when invoices are generated in CommissionTrac.


For more information on how to setup this integration please contact [email protected]

  1. Sign into your CommissionTrac Account (Need Bookkeeper Permissions)
  2. Navigate to Settings and select Integrations
  3. Toggle on Quickbooks Integrations and select Connect to Quickbooks Desktop
    This will redirect you to a new tab with our integration partners.
  4. Create a new API Nation account
  5. Navigate the CommissionTrac workflows and find Quickbooks Desktop. Click the Toggle Button.
  6. You will be directed to the Integrate with Quickbooks Desktop page, which contains a short tutorial.
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