Agent Bonus allows Bookkeepers & Managers to administratively apply bonuses to Agent Payables. Agent Bonus will Debit the House ledger and apply a Credit to the Agents Payables Ledger. 

To setup Agent Bonus first follow the steps below to (A) configure the global settings for Agent Gross adjustments. Once this setting is active (B) steps explain the process for posting a bonus.

A) Configure Agent Bonus (Global Setting):

  1. Go to Settings & Select Company Settings
  2. Select Agent Bonus
  3. Choose one bonus type that applies to your brokerage
    (This is a global settings and all future bonuses will follow this type)
  • Gross Increase: Increase the agent's year-to-date gross commissions.
  • Gross Decrease: Decrease the agent's year-to-date gross commissions.
  • No Change to Gross: This will not impact agent year-to-date gross commissions.

B) Steps to Apply Agent Bonus:

  1. Go to Payables
  2. Select Misc Payables
  3. Select the Agent
  4. Select Transaction Code Agent Bonus
  5. Input Transaction Date & Description
  6. Input Bonus Amount
  7. Preview & Post

*Note: to reverse a bonus, select Bonus Reversal as the Transaction Code. Further details on Bonus Reversals can be found in the article below. 

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