CommissionTrac knows that there is more than one way to handle a task.  In this case, CommissionTrac offers three ways to input a building address in a Voucher.  Choose the one that works for you and use it every time, or switch it up every time you have a new Voucher to input - it's up to you!

Google Search

We know that Google has already done the work verifying addresses all over the place.  If you want to let Google do the work, turn on Google Search and start typing your address in the Building Name field.   Watch for a drop down pop-up and select the right address when it appears.  Now you only need to input a Suite number, if there is one.

Building Address Table

If you have a few buildings that you do a lot of deals in, it may be worthwhile to add them in our Building Address Table - just leave out the Suite number so you can add that for each deal. 

Find the Building Address table in your Settings menu, when logged in as a bookkeeper or manager. ^^^

When you are adding a voucher, search in the building name field for the address in your system. Finish the data entry with the suite info, if appropriate.  ^^^

Data Entry On the Fly

If you just want to put the address in when you are creating the Voucher - no worries. Just skip the Building Name field and put the address in.  

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