With the release of CommissionTrac 1.5, editing deal data and seeing the resulting changes in a Receivables Ledger is much easier!   

Once a voucher is approved the Receivables Ledger is built, and all charges from the deal show in the ledger.  These charges are coming from the Invoicing Schedule section on the Commission Tab of the voucher.  

Before any deposits or agent payments are processed against these charges, you can edit the voucher over and over again and change the details on the Receivables Ledger.   CommissionTrac will write off the incorrect charge line item and replace it with the edits.   You can click 'show all' to see a history of these changes, but by default the adjusted off charges, and the adjustments, will be hidden from the ledger for a cleaner look.  

Once a deposit is posted, however, changes cannot be made to the charges that have been paid until you reverse the deposit.  You will be reminded by CommissionTrac if you try to edit a charge that has been paid.  

It follows, as well, that if an agent payment is paid out against a deposit, that agent payment needs to be reversed before the deposit can be reversed in order to make a change to the initial commission credit at the beginning of that deal.  

However, if you have a commission charge in a receivables ledger that you posted an adjustment to that you'd like to make a correction to in the voucher, CommissionTrac will automatically reverse the adjustment and the charge for you.  Again, it will be hidden by default on the ledger, but you can click Show All to see the history there.

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