Like onions and ogres, transactions in CommissionTrac have layers.  

Or maybe it's more accurate to say they are layered.  

A Commission Charge is the base layer, then deposits are laid down atop the Commission Charge.  Then Agent Payments make up the next layer.  

If you have all of these layers already in place, and you realize you need to make a change to one of the first layers, you have to start taking the transactions apart, one layer at a time. 

So if you've submitted a voucher, posted the related deposit to that ledger's receivables ledger, AND posted the related agent payment, THEN realize there was an error in the deposit posting, first you have to reverse the agent payment transaction before you can reverse the deposit.

If you have submitted the voucher and posted the deposit but realized that changes need to be made to the commission structure before you posted the agent payment, you only need to reverse the deposit before making the changes to the voucher.  

If you have submitted the voucher and need to make changes on the deal before a deposit or related agent payment is posted, simply go back to the voucher and edit the commission tab.  

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