This report will itemize balances due from the largest amount down to the smallest on all Vouchers the logged in Agent either created or is listed as an inside agent on.  Choose to group by Voucher (total due on each Voucher) or not (shows individual charge line items).


  • Age Control Date (required): Input the date for which you'd like this report to run. Typically 'today's date' is best as it will provide the most accurate, current data. However, you can use a future date, for example, to see future payments due. 
  • Group By Voucher:  Put a checkmark in this box to generate a summary report listing one line item per Voucher
  • Agent Gross: Turn this toggle On to show only Gross amounts for the logged in Agent
  • All Vouchers (required): Use the drop down field to select one or multiple vouchers to run the report for only those deals.  Put a checkmark in "All Vouchers" to run the report for all Vouchers with receivables.


This report generates 3 or 4 columns of data, depending on whether 'Group By Voucher" is selected or not. 

  • Voucher: Lists the Voucher ID and Name
  • Primary Agent: Lists the Primary Agent on the Voucher
  • Date: Lists the Date of each line listed (This column is not shown in the Group By Voucher format).
  • Amount: Lists the total for each line item OR the Total due for all line items prior to the Age Control Date.
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