Use this report to export your Payables Ledger (based upon logged in agent). Choose date range of transactions to include. It can be printed, saved as a PDF, or saved as an Excel file.


  • Beginning Date/End Date (required): Use these fields to indicate desired date range for your report. This filter refers to the Transaction Date in the Payables Ledger.  Limiting the Date Range may cause transactions to be excluded from this report.


This report generates 11 columns of data. Each row represents one line item in a Payables Ledger and there is a heading line indicating the 'Beginning Balance' as of the Beginning Date and Totals listed at the bottom for each of the last three columns.

  • Ref No: Shows the Reference Number for the line item within the Payables Ledger
  • Date: Shows the Date for the line item.
  • Check No: Reports the Check Number linked to the deposit line items.  This column will be blank on all rows except deposits.
  • Category: Shows the Charge Category associated with each line item.
  • TC:  Shows the Transaction Code of each line item (es. Charge, Deposit, Misc. Credit, Misc. Debit).
  • Apply:  Indicates which line/Reference Number this line item is applied to.  This column will be blank on Commission Credit and Expense rows, but will have numbers in all other rows, referencing the 'Ref No' in column one, to explain which line items are connected.
  • Lease: Lists the Voucher that the Commission Credit or the related Agent Payment stems from.  This column will be blank for Expense line items.
  • Description: Reports the Description from each line item.  
  • Debit: Gives the amount of each line item, when the line item INCREASES the balance.
  • Credit: Gives the amount of each line item, when the line item DECREASES the balance.
  • Balance:  Shows the running balance of the ledger after each line item is posted.

This report shows report totals for the Debit, Credit, and Balance columns.

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