Rethink is a powerful tool that can help manage your contacts, properties, and pipeline.  When you close (win) a deal, leverage CommissionTrac's Rethink's integration to create Voucher Drafts that contain 90% of a Voucher's required data, making it very easy to complete the Voucher data entry and create an active Voucher.

Rethink's 4 Deal Types convert neatly into either a Sale or Lease voucher in CommissionTrac.  

In all cases, once Rethink has all of the necessary deal data and the deal is marked 'Closed - Won' use the 'Send to CommissionTrac' button to seamlessly transfer the Rethink data into a CommissionTrac Draft Voucher.  

*NEW in v2 of this integration* Check the new Data Validation screen before syncing to see what Required or Recommended fields should be populated in Rethink before sending the deal to CommissionTrac.

In CommissionTrac, open this draft voucher, complete any additional data fields your brokerage may require and submit or send for approval to create an active voucher with a receivables ledger and the ability to create an invoice as desired.

For a detailed look at which Rethink fields populate which CommissionTrac fields, we have built 4 different data mapping articles.  Click on the link below that matches your Rethink deal type for more information.

Rethink Buyer Rep Deals
Rethink Landlord Rep Deals
Rethink Seller Rep Deals
Rethink Tenant Rep Deals

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