Review House Net Income by Charge Category in a given date range. This report is based on posted deposits.  Generate report for all Charge Categories or select specific categories you would like to review.  This report can be printed, saved as a PDF, or saved as an Excel file.

Filter Options:

  • Start Date/End Date (required): Use these fields to filter for deposits by date range.  CommissionTrac is looking at the deposit date for this filter.
  • Categories (required):   Put a checkmark in "All Categories" to generate this report for all categories, or use the drop down to select one or multiple Charge Categories to report on. 


Three columns show on this report. Each line of data corresponds to a deposit posted for a particular voucher. 

  • Category: Lists the Charge Category linked to the charge to which the deposit was applied
  • Voucher: Shows the Voucher ID and Name to which the deposit was applied
  • Amount: Shows total house net for deposit applied to the listed voucher in the selected date range

Each Charge Category group will have a Totals row at the bottom of the section and the Report Total shows at the bottom of the whole report,

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