Generate report of Gross Production (Gross Commission) as well as each Agent's share, broken out by each Agent and Voucher. This report is based on Voucher data and only applies to active vouchers and does not account for Outside Agent Commissions. 

  • Only for Active Vouchers (Does not show terminated, pending, draft, archived)
  • Gross Commission: Only Inside Agent Commission Amount 
  • Grouped by Agent

This report can be printed, saved as a PDF, or saved as an Excel file.


  • Beginning Date/End Date (required): Use these fields to indicate desired date range for your report. This filter refers to the Execution Date in the Vouchers.
  • Agents: Select All, one, or multiple Inside Agents
  • Transaction Type (required): Select All Transaction Types by check mark, or use the drop down to select one or multiple Transaction Types. 


This report generates seven columns of data and is grouped by Agent.  

  •  Voucher # & Voucher Name identifies which Voucher each line of data represents
  • Transaction Type indicates if the Voucher is a Lease, Sub-Lease, Sale, or Fee
  • Execution Date reports the Execution date of the Voucher referenced
  • Gross Commission shows the total Gross Commission for the Voucher after any Outside Agent/Pre-Split Deduction.  This column totals for each Agent reported.
  • Commission Share indicates what % of the Gross Commission is credited to the agent being reported on
  • Gross Agent Commission calculates the % of the Gross Commission that are itemized in the prior two columns.  This column totals at the bottom of each Agent's section of data.
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