This report will list all outstanding Commission Charges and Adjustments in the appropriate aging buckets to allow you to review what payments are outstanding and if any are past due.  It can be printed, saved as a PDF, or saved as an Excel file.


  • Age Control Date (required): Input the date for which you'd like this report to run.  Typically 'today's date' is best as it will provide the most accurate, current data. However, you can use a future date, for example, to see future payments due.  Note that if you change the Age Control Date the balances due will move forward into the aging buckets that they would be in as of this date, assuming they are not paid by then.
  • Bill To:  Use this filter to run the report for one or multiple specific Bill To entities.  Leave this field blank to run for all Bill To entities that owe money.
  • Agents:  Use this filter to run the report for one or multiple specific Agents.  Leave this field blank to run for all Agents' vouchers.
  • Exclude Outside Agents: Put a check mark in this box to exclude amounts that are earmarked in the Outside Agents/Pre-Split deduction area of the Vouchers.
  • Building Name:  Use this field to run the report only for Vouchers associated with a specific Building Name.  Leave this field blank to run for all addresses.
  • Aging Buckets:  Use these check marks to only run this report for money due in a certain aging bucket.  Can check one or multiple aging buckets.  Note that 'Current' is not an option here - leave all of these boxes unchecked to run for all money due.
  • All Vouchers (required): Use the drop down field to select one or multiple vouchers to run the report for only those deals.  Put a check mark in "All Vouchers" to run the report for all Vouchers with receivables.


This report generates 10 columns of data, with several rows grouped together to represent data from each reported Voucher.

In each Voucher section you will first see two rows of heading data. The Voucher ID, Voucher Name, and Bill To entity show on the first row and the Property Address and the Tenant/Buyer from the Voucher show on the second row.  These heading fields are all labeled and bold and do not fit into the column headings described below.  

Below the headings you will see the charge data from each Voucher organized into the following columns:

  • Ref No: This shows the Reference Number within the Receivables ledger of each Voucher that corresponds with the line of data being reported
  • Date: The line item's Date from the Invoicing schedule section of the Voucher
  • Code:  The type of transaction that is being reported.  On this report, most line items will indicate "CH" for Charge
  • Description: The Description for each line item from the invoicing schedule of the Voucher
  • Amount: The Total Due of the line item being reported
  • Current/ 31-60 Days/ 61-90 Days/ 91-120 Days/ Over 120 Days:  The same total of each line will appear in one of these columns indicating how long past the Date listed this balance is as of the Age Control Date selected

If a Voucher has multiple Charges outstanding as of the Age Control Date selected, they will each be listed on a separate line.  Below all transactions listed in each Voucher Section there is a Totals line that summarizes the Total amount due (at the bottom of the Amount column) and the totals of each Aging Bucket column as well.
The bottom of the last page also shows Report Totals, giving you a total amount due to the business, as well as totals of each Aging Bucket column.

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