Generate a list of Receivables sorted from the highest amount to the smallest.  This report comes in two formats - itemized, and grouped by Voucher.  It can be printed, saved as a PDF, or saved as an Excel file.


  • Age Control Date (required): Input the date for which you'd like this report to run. Typically 'today's date' is best as it will provide the most accurate, current data. However, you can use a future date, for example, to see future payments due. 
  • Group By Voucher:  Put a checkmark in this box to generate a summary report listing one line item per Voucher
  • All Vouchers (required): Use the drop down field to select one or multiple vouchers to run the report for only those deals.  Put a checkmark in "All Vouchers" to run the report for all Vouchers with receivables.


This report generates 3 or 4 columns of data, depending on whether 'Group By Voucher" is selected or not. 

  • Voucher: Lists the Voucher ID and Name
  • Primary Agent: Lists the Primary Agent on the Voucher
  • Date: Lists the Date of each line listed (This column is not shown in the Group By Voucher format).
  • Amount: Lists the total for each line item OR the Total due for all line items prior to the Age Control Date.
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