Generate a Snapshot of all Outstanding and Collected Receivables by Voucher, within the selected Date Range.  This report can be printed, saved as a PDF, or saved as an Excel file.


  • Beginning Date/End Date (required): Use these fields to indicate desired date range for your report. This filter refers to the Charge Date in the Vouchers' Receivables Ledger.  Limiting the Date Range may cause charges and/or payments to be excluded from this report.
  • Agents (required): Select All, one, or multiple Inside Agents


This report generates 9 columns of data with each row representing one Voucher.

  • Voucher: Identifies which Voucher (ID # and Name) this line of data is reporting
  • Property:  Lists the information from the 'Building Name' field on the Voucher's Property Info tab.
  • Tenant:  Lists the name of the Tenant (Buyer on a Sale deal) from the Affiliates Tab of the Voucher
  • SF: Reports the Square Footage (Acreage on a Land deal) from the Property Info tab of the Voucher
  • Charge Amount: The total of any Charges, or Miscellaneous Adjustments posted with dates within the selected date range.
  • Charge Date: The date of the charge (or of the first charge if there are multiple charges) in the Receivables Ledger. 
  • Amount Paid: The total of any Deposits posted with dates within the selected date range.
  • Amount Owed: The difference between the number in the Charge Amount column and the amount in the Amount Paid column.  This may not reflect the actual amount owed on this Voucher due to the Date Range selected.
  • Primary Agent: Lists the primary agent on the Voucher being reported on.

This report totals the Charge Amount, Amount Paid, and Amount Owed columns.

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