In addition to User Deposit Notifications, which send a brief email to agents on a Voucher when a Deposit is posted to that Voucher, CommisisonTrac offers a way to set up notifications to be sent to specific email addresses when any deposit is posted, with the full Deposit Recap report attached.  This is useful for notifying off-site accounting or payroll departments, for example, that a deposit was recorded and the related Commission Credits have been applied.  

To activate this feature, 

  1. Navigate to Company Settings via the gear icon at the top right
  2. Click on the Deposit Notifications tab
  3. Toggle the Deposit Notifications ON (green)
  4. Click the + New Email button to open up a field for each email you would like to send the notifications.  Only one email can go in each field, but you can open up as many fields as you would like
  5. Input all email addresses to which you would like to send the notification
  6. Click Save 

Once activated, any email listed on the Deposit Notification tab of Company Settings will receive an email alerting them that a Deposit was posted.  The body of the email will list all affected Vouchers, the Deposit Date and the Total Deposit Amount.  The Deposit Recap report will be attached to the email.

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