Now you can start keeping track of deal data BEFORE a deal closes.  Great for pipeline management and revenue forecasting!

From the left hand menu, click Opportunities.  This brings up the Opportunity list, showing all previously input Opportunities.  Click New Opportunity at the top right to input your new pending deal.

As with Vouchers, fields with the green bar are Required.  Give your Opportunity a unique Name, use the drop down fields to assign the Stage and the Deal Type, and then estimate the Gross Inside Commission and Close Date.  While these are required fields, they can always be updated as you continue to work the deal.

Each Opportunity does require at least one Inside Agent, so CommissionTrac will default to the (Agent or Manager) user creating the Opportunity at 100%.  Of course, this can be edited or added to as needed.  If the Opportunity is being created by a Bookkeeper, the Agent field will need to be populated 

That covers all Required data, but if you have information like the Address you can click the Address bar to open fields to input that data.  Or you can input any Comments that don't fit neatly into the available fields or attach any documents you already have related to this deal, also by clicking on the desired bar to open those fields for input.

*Interested in activating Opportunities?  Contact [email protected] for more details*

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