The Stages of an Opportunity allow you to track where in the pipeline a deal currently sits.  As you continue to work on closing the deal you can update the Stage the deal is, and by extension, the probability of that deal closing

The first step is to create the necessary Stages for your firm, and assign the correct "Win Probability" percentage to each one.  By default, CommissionTrac starts you off with three stages - Closed - Won (100%), and Closed - Lost (0%), which are static and un-editable, and New Opportunity (10%), which can be adjusted if needed to better fit your business workflow.  

To add a new stage click New Stage and input the name of the Stage and the corresponding percent of certainty that the Deal will close.  As you input stages they will add in corresponding order.  You may re-order the stages by clicking and dragging rows to the correct order.

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