As your Opportunity moves through the stages of the deal, keep CommissionTrac and your team in the loop by editing the Opportunity in CommissionTrac and updating the Stage, or adding or updating other details in the Opportunity.  

When the deal closes and you are ready to turn this Opportunity into a Voucher, edit the Opportunity and change the Stage to Closed - Won.  This will generate a prompt asking, "Would you like to convert this Opportunity to a Voucher?"  Clicking Yes will pull all of the data in the Opportunity into a new Voucher Draft.  Finish inputting the Voucher based on your standard process, and submit for Approval or save as Active as appropriate.

Should the deal fall apart and no longer be considered an Active Opportunity, edit it and change the status to Closed - Lost.  This will reflect on the Opportunities report appropriately.  If the deal is ever revived, you can edit the Stage to the appropriate in progress status.

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