Agents have specific permissions with Vouchers in CommisisonTrac.  Agents can create new Vouchers and edit them as long as they are Drafts.  Depending upon Company Settings, Agents can 'Submit' Vouchers to set them as Active, or 'Send for Approval' to set the Vouchers along the approval path.  

From the Voucher list, Agents will see all Active, Pending, Rejected, or Draft Vouchers that they are linked to.  Agents will not see any Vouchers in the Voucher list that they are not a part of (i.e. they are not listed as an Inside Agent on the Voucher Agent Tab or they did not create the voucher).

Once Vouchers are Active, Agents can use the View Comp option in the Actions column of the Voucher list to review all of the details of Voucher, but Agents cannot edit any Active Vouchers.  

When a deal renews, Agents can use the Renewal option to start a new Voucher with all Property, Affiliate, and Agent details copied from the original Voucher.

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